Dear Parents & Guardians,


If you Google the question, “why small class size is better?”, numerous links will pop up that will lead you to tons of information about the benefits of small class size for your kids. There have been vast studies and researches conducted, articles and policies written that point to the fact that small class size makes a difference.

Lombosco Academy, which is approaching its 16th year, has been from the beginning of its existence, a proponent of small pupil-teacher ratio. It might not be as cost-efficient and profitable compared to the big schools, but it has produced and witnessed great results with its pupils. Because of the small population of the school, each and every pupil is given an opportunity to engage, shine and excel.

Small Class Size Does Matter


Pupils in a small class size receive individualized attention, and have more interaction with their teachers. This makes them more motivated to learn, better engaged and more focused in class. They are at ease to express themselves, and less likely to be disruptive, passive or withdrawn. They are advance in subject matter, able to get high score in national achievement test, and pass entrance exams for high school. The small school population helps pupils become friends with their peers which improve their human relation skills. These are just a few of the advantages of a small class size.


For SY 2009 – 2010, Lombosco Academy ranked #1 in the National Achievement Test based on mean percentage score among the 53 private schools in Muntinlupa. That news was a confirmation that Lombosco was on the right track, and that small class size works. That school year, we had only 13 Grade Six pupils who took the NAT, and those 13 pupils made Lombosco #1.


I am always jubilant to hear stories from parents about the success of their children after graduating, and many of them shared that they made the right decision of enrolling their children in Lombosco.


We would like to inform you that we will continue to be small, for small can mean more – for your kids. Let me take this chance to thank you for entrusting them to Lombosco Academy.


Sincerely yours,


Mr. Umberto Lombos, BSE, eMBA, CPM, CPA, CMA
Founding President