“Beautiful Attitudes, Thoughtful Actions (BATA)
LEL’s Additional Inputs for SY 2017-2018 ”

Great communities and countries in the world with their shining glory, pride and beauty stand out because they comprise themselves and focus on the core and smallest unit of the society. First world countries start thinking of, working on and valuing the worth of each family. They continuously and unselfishly provide what they need. From this, we extract the significance of a family, and its interaction and involvement with the other cultural elements and agencies in the society. In this connection, foremost to consider on our Orientation Day is Lombosco Academy’s educational duo: Academic Brilliance and Character formation.

The beauty of the attitudes and thoughtful actions of your children begin at home. For this year, our theme is BATA which means Beautiful Attitudes, Thoughtful Actions. We don’t have BATA without the responsibilities of the parents.
Mrs. Lucy Lombos, after researching and reading a lot of books, one was the book of Jack Countryman, found out and named a few of responsibilities of the mothers and all these apply to the fathers as well. She said there are many responsibilities but she enumerated 10 only.

1. Commitment- It means being dedicated to a task. When you are committed the parents’ whole demeanor or demeanuor will change and your children will be the major part of your life.

2. Compassion- is an awareness of another’s suffering and a desire to help. When compassion is a part of your life, your love for your children flows naturally from you.

3. Discipline- comes from the Latin words which mean to TEACH and LEARN. When you discipline your children, you are teaching them the way to go. When you correct your children, actually you are doing them a favour because as they grow, they need to understand the right and the wrong behaviour.

4. Example- Parents are the mirror that your children look into everyday as they grow. The way you talk, the way you walk, the way you sacrifice and act will be the reflection of who your children will become.

5. Faith- means belief and trust in God. Your children are watching you on how you behave in times of joy and troubles. If you want to influence them for the glory of God, let your faith be evident in all that you say and do.

6. Godliness- is our devotion to God. When you are godly, it means you behave in ways that show dedication to God. Your children will also display the character of God in their lives.

7. Home- Home is a special place we long when we are away. God wants to make His home in you, and to abide in you. Establish a caring and loving home with the Lord. Your children won’t be away from you.

8. Love- is based on the love of God to His children. Love seeks to give with no thought of receiving. It is a sacrificial love given in joy. When you demonstrate genuine love to your children, you share the love that seeks no return. When you do this, the relationship you have with your family will be rich and full of God’s glory.

9. Prayer- Prayer is a gift of God. It is special. It is essential to spiritual growth. Would you like to give this special gift to your children?

10. Thankfulness- Being thankful is the way of life for God’s creatures. When you have an attitude of gratitude and give thanks for the blessings God has bestowed upon you, your actions and life are lifted up. Teach your children to do the same and the rest will be a celebration of love and joy.